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How long will my teeth stay white after the procedure?

​The length of time varies from person to person, depending on diet and lifestyle choices such as smoking.

To maintain optimum results, a touch-up treatment is recommended every six months. Regular touch up treatments usually require just one 12-15 minute light cycle, making it a cost effective option for ongoing results. If left longer, two or three cycles may be needed to bring your teeth back to their optimal whiteness.

Clients should have good dental health and regularly visit their dentist.

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Can you recommend any products I can use at home to keep my teeth white?

LightenUp sells whitening pens to help keep your teeth looking as good as they can between treatments.

Is teeth whitening safe? 

Professional teeth whitening using low concentrations of peroxide, from a reputable source, is safe when used as directed.

Can teeth whitening damage teeth?

LightenUp’s professional teeth whitening system has been proven to have no negative effects on any part of the tooth.

Professional teeth whitening gel will not damage or harm your tooth enamel.

Who can have their teeth whitened?

Anyone who is aged 16 and over and not pregnant or breastfeeding.


Will my existing composite fillings and crowns be whitened to the same shade as my teeth?

Tooth coloured fillings will not whiten. If the filling matches your current colour, whitening will result in mis-matched shades with your natural teeth. You may need to have your fillings/restorations replaced to match your newly whitening teeth.

Is there anything I need to do before or after treatment?

Before your appointment, we will provide instructions on what is required. This includes suggestions on what food and drink you can have in the first 24 hours after having your teeth whitened. It is important coloured food and drink is not consumed during this time, when teeth are more susceptible to staining.

How can I be sure LightenUp meets industry standards?

LightenUp and its practitioners belong to the New Zealand Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Association.

Staff have successfully met the association’s theory and practical training criteria.

LightenUp owner Krystiana Wetton is a qualified dental therapist.


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